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    Narita Airport Transfers
    AIRPORTSDepart Shiga Arr TokyoArr Haneda APArr Narita APStartsEnds
    AP15:3010:3011:30-26 Dec 201824 Feb 2019
    AP410:0015:0016:3018 Dec 201817 Mar 2019
    AP513:0018:0019:00-21 Dec 201803 Mar 2019
    AP615:3020:3022:0026 Dec 201824 Feb 2019

    SKI RESORTSDepart Shiga Arr HakubaArr MyokoArr NozawaArr MadaraoStartsEnds
    IR305:3008:1508:0008:1508:0026 Dec 201824 Feb 2019
    IR1210:0012:4512:3012:4512:3018 Dec 201817 Mar 2019
    IR1713:0015:3015:1515:3015:1521 Dec 201803 Mar 2019
    IR2215:3018:1518:0018:1518:0026 Dec 201824 Feb 2019
    Note: Passengers may be required to change vehicles in Nagano
    Basic Package
    Basic Package Farec Package Fare
    Tokyo Narita Airport Haneda Airport Nozawa Onsen Madarao Kogen Hakuba Valley* Myoko Kogen
    ¥13,600 ¥13,600 ¥13,600 ¥6,900 ¥6,900 ¥6,900 ¥6,900
    *Drop off at accommodation option available (1,000yen per person for central Hakuba / 1,500yen per person for Tsugaike Kogen, Norikura, and Cortina area accommodations
    Lift Pass Package
    Hakuba Valley Lift PassPackage Includes:
    • One Way Transfer to / from Airports
    • Designated No. of Shiga Kogen Lift Passes
    Lift Pass Package Fare
      1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day
    Adults ¥19,500 ¥24,300 ¥29,500 ¥34,800 ¥40,100
    Child* ¥16,900 ¥19,500 ¥22,500 ¥25,400 ¥28,500
    Children rates apply for children aged 6-12
    day trip Package
    Package Includes
    • 5:30 transfer to Ski Resort of your choice (Hakuba Valley, Madarao Kogen, Nozawa Onsen)
    • 1 Day Lift Pass
    • 15:30 - 16:00 Return Transfer to Shiga Kogen
    • Must be booked at least 3 days in advance
    Day Trip Package Farep Package Fare
    Nozawa Onsen Hakuba Valley Madarao Kogen
    ¥17,000 ¥17,000 ¥17,000
    • All passengers will be picked up from their accommodation. Pick up times will be posted on the Nagano Snow Shuttle website 24 hours before departure
    • Drivers will check passenger lists and give baggage tages to customers
    • All luggage must have destination tags attached. Tags will be given out by drivers. Only luggage with tags will be loaded onto the bus.
    • Minimum Number of Passengers required for tour to operate : 1 person
    • There is no tour guide on this tour
    Check In Location